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Space Vehicles: Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. - The Space Vehicles Directorate serves as the Air Force's "Center of Excellence" for space research and development. The Directorate develops and transitions space technologies for more effective, more affordable warfighter missions. Primary mission thrusts include Space-Based Surveillance (space-to-space and space-to-ground) and Space Capability Protection (protecting space assets from man-made and natural effects). The Directorate also leverages commercial, civil and other government resources that ensure America's defense advantage. Primary focus areas include: radiation-hardened electronics, space power, space structures and control, space-based sensing, space environmental effects, autonomous maneuvering, and balloon and satellite flight experiments. The directorate also operates an additional research site near Gakona, Alaska. Leading the nation in space supremacy research and development, the Space Vehicles Directorate consists of an integrated team of 900-plus military, civilian, and on-site contractors.

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AFRL Program to Enable Solar Cells

The Air Force Research Laboratory, in cooperation with United Solar Ovonic LLC, established a program to build on technology developed under previous Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects.

I Am AFRL - Amber Anderson.wmv

The Air Force Research Laboratory. An accomplished Electro-optics engineer, team member Amber Anderson gives some insight into satellite technology .

I Am AFRL - Karatholuvu Balasubramaniam "Bala"

"The sun never goes to sleep"

Student Satellites Successfully Separate

Two satellites designed and constructed by students at the University of Texas' Cockrell School of Engineering successfully separated in space March 22, completing the crucial goal of the mission since its Nov. 19 launch and marking them the first student-developed mission in the world in which satellites orbit and communicate with each other in real-time.

TacSat-3 Celebrates Milestone, Surpasses Requirements

AFRL's Tactical Satellite-3 (TacSat-3) celebrates its two-year anniversary on-orbit. The spacecraft was originally designed for six months of operation with a one-year goal.

TacSat-3 Goes From Experiment to Asset

AFRL's Tactical Satellite-3 (TacSat-3) made the leap from experimental to operational asset with the June 2010 official transfer of control from the lab to Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.