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Sensors: Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio - The Sensors Directorate leads the discovery, development, and integration of affordable sensor and countermeasure technologies for our warfighters. In collaboration with other AFRL directorates and DoD organizations, the directorate develops sensors for air and space reconnaissance, surveillance, precision engagement and electronic warfare systems. The directorate's vision is to provide robust sensors and adaptive countermeasures that guarantee complete freedom of air, space, and cyber operations for our forces, and deny these capabilities to our adversaries. Its core technology areas include: radio frequency and electro-optical sensing, sensor fusion and exploitation, network enabled spectrum warfare, and revolutionary devices and components.

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I am AFRL, Monica Allen

Senior Electronics Engineer. I first get to work with real life problems that are facing the military today. And within that context, I have the freedom to explore my ideas that would provide unique solutions to these real world problems.