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Munitions: Eglin AFB, Fla. - The Munitions Directorate develops, demonstrates, and transitions science and technology for airlaunched munitions for defeating ground-fixed, mobile/relocatable, air, and space targets. The directorate works to assure preeminence of US air and space forces, conducting basic research, exploratory development, and advanced development and demonstrations. It also participates in programs focused on technology transfer, dual use technology, and small business development.

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AFRL's Munitions Directorate Stands Up New, Unique Capability

The Air Force Research Laboratory's Munitions Directorate is standing up a brand new capability, the High Pressure Particulate Physics (HP3) Facility, to enhance the role of science and technology in smart munitions development.

I am AFRL, Kit Neel

I do shock and impact studies of materials that the Air Force is interested in. And the reason we do these is to understand how these materials are going to behave...

I am AFRL, Matthew Spidell

It's absolutely wonderful to see the team come together and to produce a product that will ultimately help the warfighter.

Projecting a Better View of Urban Warfare

Given that unconventional warfare, including combat in urban environments, has unorthodox challenges, AFRL munitions experts are researching a biologically inspired technology known as optical flow to help warfighters succeed in these cityscape battle scenarios.

SBIR Results "Bragg" Entry Into Atomic Physics Mainstream

AFRL Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) partner Photodigm, Inc., developed a new generation of miniature, embeddable, semiconductor lasers that can accurately probe the internal states of atoms, a groundbreaking capability that will enable chip-scale atomic clocks, gyros, and entirely new types of high-energy lasers.