Directed Energy

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Directed Energy: Kirtland AFB, N.M. - The Directed Energy Directorate is the Air Force's center of expertise for directed energy and optical technologies. The Directed Energy Directorate focuses in four core technical competencies: Lasers Systems, High Power Electromagnetics, Weapons Modeling and Simulation, and Directed Energy and Electro-Optics for Space Superiority.  AFRL pioneered the first and only megawatt class airborne laser and is a leader in ground-based space imagining using adaptive optics with our 3.5-meter telescope in New Mexico and a 3.6-meter telescope in Hawaii. The lab is transitioning game-changing counter-electronics weapon technologies that can degrade, damage or destroy electronic systems with minimum collateral damage.

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Guidestar Laser Reaches, Surpasses Wattage Goal

The Air Force Research Laboratory's experimental guidestar laser system has achieved its design goal of 50 watts, providing sufficient power to enable operation of the adaptive optics system. Laser guidestars are used to adapt a telescope's optics to more clearly image space objects.

Maui Center Tailors Weather Forecast Data to Telescope Needs

When you're dealing with highly sensitive telescope operations, just knowing if it's going to rain is not enough.

SBIR Directs Energy Towards Laser-Based Target ID

AFRL-sponsored Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) dedicated to improving target identification technology precipitated development of an Optical Target Identification system of benefit to directed energy weapons advancement, such as that facilitated by the Airborne Laser (ABL) and Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) programs. The resultant instrumentation- a world-class laboratory scatterometer that serves government, commerical, and academic purposes-provides a means both for measuring and analyzing Bidrectional Polarization reflectance Distribution Functions (BPRDF) and for performing surface characterization of optical and semiconductor components.