Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Arlington, Va. - With a worldwide exchange program for scientists and engineers, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) is the basic research manager for AFRL.  AFOSR invests in long-term, broad-based research into aerospace-related science and engineering. To accomplish this mission, AFOSR has formed a strong, productive alliance with other government agencies, U.S. industry and the academic community. Nearly 80 percent of the research is conducted in academia and industry and the remaining 20 percent is conducted within AFRL. AFOSR's investment in basic research programs is distributed to about 300 academic institutions, 145 contracts with industry and more than 150 internal AFRL research efforts.

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WOW Technologies, Bio Inspired Flight for Micro Air Vehicles

"The animals fly and we take their video at very high speed so we can really see the detail. At the same time we shine a laser behind them so that we can see the motion of the air that the animals make as they fly."