Aerospace Systems

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Aerospace Systems: Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio - The Aerospace Systems Directorate brings together world-class facilities including a fuels research facility, structural testing labs, compressor research facility, rocket testing facilities, supersonic and subsonic wind tunnels, flight simulation lab, and many other cutting-edge research labs.  Among the technologies in development in the Aerospace Systems Directorate are turbine engines, scramjet engines, alternative fuels, unmanned vehicles, hypersonic vehicles, collision avoidance and aircraft energy optimization.

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I am AFRL, Dr. Jim Gord

We shoot laser beams into jet engines, which sounds like an awful lot of fun, and the motivation for that is....

I am AFRL, John B Schroeder

...My father was WWII, my son was in the last Iraq war, I was in Vietnam. Why I do what I do is that I have a debt to the people who fixed airplanes. The people who fixed airplanes kept me alive...

WOW Technologies, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational sciences is the ability to visualize rather complex phenomena by using supercomputers and complex mathematics and algorithms but at the end being able to actually see what's going on in a problem of interest to the Air Force.