As an internationally recognized organization, AFRL's commitment to diversity and inclusion are at the forefront. Therefore, AFRL is committed to attracting, training, and maintaining a workforce that is inclusive, positive, and performance-driven.

Hence, AFRL promotes workforce diversity and inclusion initiatives related to the following objectives:

  • Recruiting a diverse, qualified group of potential applicants
  • Cultivating a supportive, welcoming, inclusive and fair work environment
  • Developing strategic partnerships with a diverse range of colleges and universities
  • Ensuring student internships draw candidates from all segments of the United States
  • Nurturing talent through ongoing mentoring
  • Branding AFRL as an employer of choice

These objectives have led to AFRL being recognized as a

  • Best Diversity Company
  • Top 25 Contributor to Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Most Admired Employer for Minority STEM Professionals
  • Most Admired Employer for Minority Technology Geeks

AFRL is very proud of the efforts made so far and will continue to do more since we believe our success is contingent upon the inclusion of diverse perspectives from individuals brought together to overcome new and emerging threats to today’s warfighter.