About Us

We are the only Air Force organization wholly dedicated to leading the discovery, development, and integration of warfighting technologies for the nation’s air, space, and cyberspace forces.

AFRL can trace its roots back to organizations that began their activities during the First World War, 100 years ago.  Visions of early airpower leaders such as General Hap Arnold and Dr. Theodore von Karman were instrumental to the research and development programs since they understood science as the key in air supremacy.  Today, the lab and its predecessors have overseen more than 80 years of critical research efforts for the Air Force and Department of Defense.  AFRL technology breakthroughs can be found in all of today’s modern aircraft and weapon systems to include the B-2 Spirit, C-17 Globemaster III, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning, the Predator and Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Systems, and the list is endless.

We continue to build on this paradigm-shifting research heritage by unleashing the power of innovative air and space technology for the warfighter.  The passionate commitment of our scientist and engineers to strengthen the discovery of revolutionary technology inspires new warfighting capabilities, develops solutions to satisfy known gaps, and rapidly responds to urgent warfighting technology needs.  The Airmen within the lab truly understand both the art and the science of bringing groundbreaking technology to the Air Force.

In addition, AFRL is excited about the mission that lies ahead whether in air, space, or cyberspace and will continue to provide unprecedented technology as an important strategic asset for the Air Force.

The following documents identify the different career paths within our organization: